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Being stored incorrectly can ruin  wine; there are certain requirements that must be met. Learn how you can safely  store wine in your home.

How you store your wine is very important if you plan on buying expensive wine to collect and/or age.

Certain conditions need to be met in order for a wine to either mature properly or keep without spoiling.

Most of the wines that you will want to store for maturation will be Reds.  Almost all White Wines (and many Reds) do not need to age past 4 years, but some Red Wines require 10 years or more. Those made with Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir grapes mature over such a period.

The key thing to remember is stability.  Changes in the light, temperature, and position over time will affect the content, with older wines more susceptible to subtle variations.

Don't have a wine cellar?

While a cellar is ideal, an enclosed closet or cupboard may be substituted, assuming that the light, temperature, position and humidity are stabilized.

Ideal Conditions:


The ideal is 9-15 degrees C, 48-58 F, where too warm causes wine to mature too quickly, and too cold can stall the maturation.


Dark is preferable, as wine chemistry can be changed by exposure.


With the bottle on its side, this keeps the cork moist. If the cork dries, air could enter and oxidize the wine.


A level of 60 to 70 percent is ideal.  Mould can form and labels can be ruined if it is too humid.


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