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Here you will find information about the little known Carina grape in Australia.  Choose your area of interest below:

Grape Varieties Carina Grape


In Australia, the main varieties of grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) grown for drying are, in order of importance, Sultana (Sultanina, Thompson Seedless, Kish-mish), Currant (Zante Currant, Carina), Muscat Gordo Blanco (Muscat of Alexandria), and Waltham Cross (Rosaki, Dattier, Regina, Malaga). The dried fruit of the last two is collectively called raisins in Australia. Occasionally, small quantities of other varieties such as Ohanez are dried.

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A variety developed in Australia and used to produce dried grapes.

Commercial plantings of the CSIRO bred Carina Currant are steadily increasing. It is much more resistant to rain damage than Zante Currant, but has problems of berry setting and evenness of berry size. These are areas of continuing research by the Victorian Department of Agriculture.

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